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1300+ Views!

I posted my 3D animation about Acute Inflammation on youtube a little over a month ago. Before that it had been hosted on the University of Dundee vimeo site. This weekend I broke 1000 views and before I could even post about it I was up to 1300! It's a tremendous honor to look at the analytics and see people from all over the world watching something I produced and learning from it. I'm really passionate about inspiring people to learn about cells and the microscopic world of our own bodies. I want to make beautiful and compelling visuals that not only educate people, but grab their interest and inspire them to look closer. Cells, DNA and proteins all require an extra step to be visualized. Sometime this is dyes and straight forward and sometimes it's flow cytometry data and means nothing without being translated. I think that this extra hurdle discourages a lot of people from taking interest in the microscopic world. I've been in the scientific field my entire adult life and the more I learn about biology the more awe and wonder I feel. I want to encourage others to think small -even microscopic- and experience the same wonder I do. I hope that animations like this one can help accomplish that.

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