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Ever since Adriana was a child in rural Washington State she dreamed of being a scientist so she could study everything from the smallest microbe to the most distant planets. She would jokingly say she was going to become an "ologist" when she grew up. Years of art classes and the inspiration of a scientifically and artistically minded mom led her to draw as a daily hobby. Her hobby and love of science finally had the chance to meet when she was in high school. With the encouragement of her teacher, she made all new class materials for her Anatomy and Physiology class.

Adriana attended collegeat Washington State University. Upon graduating with a B.S. in Microbiology, she began work as a technician in a HIV vaccine research lab at Seattle Biomed. Though doing cutting edge research, she missed visually communicating science to others. She realized that she spent by far the most time and effort in school making posters or diagrams for what she was learning and researching.

Adriana began the University of Washington's Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program. The program helped her gain proficiency in new media as well as hone her artistic skill. During the program she worked with her lab at Seattle Biomed to generate new figures and diagrams for use in presentations and grants.

Adriana attended the University of Dundee in the MSc Medical Art program jointly taught through the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and Centre for Human Anatomy and Identification. Her masters project was the creation of a 3D animation showing the pathological process of acute inflammation. This animation will be used by the University of Dundee School of Medicine and School of Dentistry in their first year pathology curriculum. She presented her work in the 2015 Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Masters Show where she was awarded Best Performing Medical Art Student and jointly awarded Best Medical Art Exhibition. 


Adriana recently returned to full-time freelance illustration after working for two years at Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Her time at the Health Department gave her new technical skills as well as experience working with public health agencies to educate the general public. Two notable projects she led while working at the Health Department were 3D models of septic systems that won a NACo 2018 Achievement Award and rewriting and animating the Washington State Online Food Worker Card Course. The Food Worker Card Course issues 350,000 cards each year across the state. 

Adriana's foremost concern is to teach and communicate science through her illustrations, while inspired by natural beauty - from the smallest microbe, to the human body. 

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